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1998 News

Goodwill's Employee of the Year, Jimmy Rainwater, Class of ‘98

Channel 8's Kristin Dickerson takes us to Goodwill's awards ceremony to introduce us to Jimmy Rainwater, a Goodwill employee who has a special connection to Tulsa's Channel 8.  Kristin Dickerson, announces, "This is our final award, it will be presented to our Employee of the Year."


Jimmy Rainwater has been working toward this moment for 16 years. Here's one example of his work ethic: The day of the awards ceremony he was offered the chance to skip work that morning and start his day at the banquet, but he insisted on going to work.


He works for Goodwill, and his job duties include collecting and baling all of the cardboard boxes at Hillcrest Medical Center. "It's a huge job, huge," said Loretta Block, coordinator of Goodwill group work sites. Block said everyone at Hillcrest knows Jimmy and what he loves.


"I love food," he said while putting on his work gloves.  He also loves teasing his co-workers, sports and especially cheerleaders.


The crowd of Goodwill supporters rises as Jimmy's long-time friend Bill helps read Jimmy's acceptance speech, "I love my job and try very hard to stay out of trouble," Bill says for Jimmy, who quickly agrees, "Amen".

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