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1979 News

1979 Hale Rangers
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Tim Fitzer, Class of 79, featured on Discovery Channel “Venom Hunters”

Tim “Wild Man” Fitzer, a Haskell taxidermist, a guy who doesn’t even have cable television in his home, is about to play a big role in a new cable television series, believe it or not.

Producers of a new show “Venom Hunters,” which premieres at 9 p.m. CST Feb. 17 on the Discovery Channel, saw Fitzer handling a large diamondback rattlesnake in a Tulsa World video and decided to give him a call. The first season is six shows long, and each episode will feature three of the four venom-hunting teams. The Oklahoma crew gets plenty of airtime, Weaver said.

Julee Thomas-March, Class of '79 opens downtown Boutique

Julee Thomas-March has brought fashion and flair to downtown Tulsa’s Deco District with the opening of JULES BOUTIQUE at 525 S. Main St.  The new shop includes women’s apparel, accessories, jewelry, gifts and much more, including a personalized executive shopping service and fresh flowers by Toni.

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