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Class of '64 Memorials

Thanks to Gloria Birch-McQuade
we now have a copy of the missing
1964 Class Graduation Photo

You can download a large 300 dpi copy HERE

Class of '64 40-Year Reunion Group Photo



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Dennis Drullinger

Our own Dennis Drullinger, Class of '64, will be inducted into the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame this year (2009)!!  Dennis was one of only seven inductees selected from 75 nominees.

Dennis served with the U.S. Army in Vietnam, as a member of the 196th Light Infantry Brigade.  He was awarded the Oklahoma Cross of Valor, and the Silver Star, which is the nation's third highest combat award, for "gallantry in action against an enemy of the United States", when his Brigade unit was attacked in January, 1968.  The citation said Drullinger refused to leave his position and opened fire on the enemy with his rifle and grenades, giving his fellow soldiers time to regroup and counterattack.  He was wounded, captured and later escaped during this attack.  CLICK HERE to read his account of what happened.

The induction ceremony will be held Oklahoma Christian University in Edmond, OK, on Wednesday, November 11th. 

Contact info@NathanHaleAlumni.org if you would like information about attending the ceremony.


John Dougherty '64

Did you know that besides being the owner of ALL ABOUT MUSIC in Owasso, John Dougherty is a member of the popular Mid Life Crisis Band here in Tulsa?

The Fabulous Mid Life Crisis Band
Band web site

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John Dougherty '07


Be sure to pick up the July, 2007 issue of TULSA PEOPLE magazine.  The cover article is about Tulsa's young (under 40) "Movers and Shapers".  These are the up and coming professionals who "capture the spirit of a city on the move, and are dedicated to making Tulsa a better place".

Channing Barker, a 2007 graduate of Bishop Kelly, is one of the four young leaders featured on the cover.  She is the daughter of Patti Olzawski-Barker, Class of '77.

Channing says this about her mom Patti, "My mom moves me and pushes me to stretch for the best of everything, from decisions about life to cleaning my room.  She's got more strength and love in her bones than anyone."

Also featured in the article is Shelly Drullinger.  She is the daughter-in-law of Dennis and Tommie Hisel-Drullinger, Class of '64.  She's is the wife of their son, Tommy, and the mother of Dennis and Tommie's 8 year old twin granddaughters.  Tommie writes that they are very proud of Shelly and her community accomplishments.


We recently acquired a 1963 Patriot yearbook that had some bonus items tucked inside.  One of these unexpected treasures was the program from
the all school production of "Oklahoma" performed at Hale that year. 

1963 "Oklahoma" program

 Outside               Inside


Mike "Monk" Bruce, was one of Tulsa's best-known rock and blues-rock guitarists for more than a quarter centuryHe was just a monstrous player, a brother, all those things," said David Teegarden.  "A gifted musician who was incredibly well-rounded.  He should have been a legend, and it's kind of regrettable that he never really got discovered."

The Soul Avengers CD, featuring the late Mike Bruce, was released in 2003 by Bison Records.  It's available through CDBaby.

There is more bio information on Mike on the Class of '64 Memorials page.


Gary Trennepohl is the President of Oklahoma State University-Tulsa.  He has a B.S. degree from the University of Tulsa; MBA degree from Utah State, and a Ph.D. from Texas Tech.  He has held academic appointments at OSU in Stillwater, Texas A & M, University of Missouri and Arizona State.  He has authored and co-authored numerous texts and professional journals and is currently a visiting faculty member of the Options Institute at the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE).

Gary is active in many civic organizations and serves on the boards of the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce, National Conference for Community & Justice (NCCJ) and the Tulsa Air & Space Museum.


In 1995 Diane Bellis-Leonard's husband was killed in the Oklahoma City bombing.  Since that time, she's spent time in Washington, D.C. working on 3 pieces of legislation.  One was part of the anti-terrorism bill signed in 1996.  She has also spoken around the country to many groups, testified in the McVeigh and Nichols Federal trials, and made 6 trips to New York to work with 9/11 victims.

Ray Murphy:  National Wrestling Hall of Fame
1998 Medal of Courage Winner

One minute he was an active, healthy young wrestler, competing in a national tournament in his home arena. The next moment he was a quadriplegic, paralyzed for life when slammed to the mat with a broken neck and a severed spinal cord.

For most, such a tragic accident would have marked the end of a life. For Ray Murphy, it marked the beginning of a whole new world, one with many difficult challenges to be met and defeated.

For his success in overcoming those obstacles, and his courageous struggle against overwhelming odds, Murphy was voted the third Medal of Courage of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

A state champion wrestler at Nathan Hale High School in Tulsa, Murphy was an All-American for Oklahoma State in 1968 and '69, reaching the NCAA finals his senior year. His injury occurred in 1971 during the USA Wrestling national Freestyle championships in OSU's Gallagher Hall.

Although he has been gripped by paralysis for more than 25 years, and still requires mechanical assistance in breathing, he has led a remarkable life. His mother, Ferol, has been at his side throughout.

Already a business graduate of OSU, Murphy earned another degree in computer programming at Tulsa Junior College. There he was magna cum laude with a perfect 4.0 grade point average. He never missed a class, never was even late to class. At graduation ceremonies in 1988, he led the procession in his sip-and-puff wheelchair.

Because of the importance of sip-and-puff technology, which Ray uses to operate his computer and other amenities, he has become a national leader in research of new additions to this technique. He also has been employed as a computer programmer by Phillips 66 and other corporations.

In 1989, Ray received national recognition as Handicapped Person of the Year.

-article & photo courtesy of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame


Gary Webb writes,  "I've been the car business 30 years, working for Riverside Chevrolet in Tulsa.   I have been married 22 years. I have also completed 4 race-walking marathons".  Contact Gary at gbwebb46@hotmail.com


James Raney

Class of '64 Ring Returned - 37 Years Later

The Alumni Foundation received the following letter in December, 2003:
Several years ago while wading in the Pacific Ocean along the coast of California I found a class ring from your school.  It's a boy's ring dated 1964. The letters engraved inside are: J.E.R.  Would someone there be

able to help me find the owner of this ring and perhaps send me his address?  I'd like to return it to him and learn the story of how it became a California seashell.
-René Anderson Benitz

The message was passed along to Stewart Leigh, who is organizing the Class of '64 Reunion.  Stewart writes:
Just to let everyone know, I found James Raney.  He lost his ring in 1967 at the beach in California, while he was in Military Service. I gave him the email address so he could contact the person that found the ring. He couldn't believe it.  He said it's been 37 years. James lives in Tulsa and has a family business.

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